YSL Photonics ’SC-Pro-M is the latest supercontinuum source with a seed source pulse duration of 6ps. It delivers a wide spectral output ranging from 410nm to 2400nm with over 7W total power. The optional 10kHz to 40MHz repetition rate capability also makes it an ideal source for the applications such as low noise OCT,fluorescence microscopy, nanophotonics and etc.

•  OCT
•  Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Microscopy
•  Nanophotonics
•  Super-Resolution Imaging
•  Photocurrent microscopy

•  Wavelength: 410nm-2400nm
•  Total power: 7W
•  Repetition Rate: 80MHz
•  Seed source pulse duration: ~6ps
•  Single-Mode Output

Data Sheet: