YSL Photonics has two products series:supercontinuum source and ultrafast fiber laser. Supercontinuum source (namely white light laser, white light source, supercontinuum laser) has been widely used in the nanophotonics, fluorescence spectroscopy/microscopy, OCT, photocurrent measurement, semiconductor inspection and etc. Ultrafast fiber laser (namely picosecond fiber laser and femtosecond fiber laser) has been widely used in the material micro-processing, nonlinear study and etc.
  • FemtoYL™-IR-1000W/500W


    ● Average Power ≥1000W

    ● Pulse Duration ~500fs

    ● Repetition Rate 1GHz

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  • Mode locked SC

    •  Wavelength: 410nm-2400nm
    •  Total power: 7W
    •  Repetition Rate: 80MHz
    •  Seed source pulse duration: ~6ps
    •  Single-Mode Output

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  • FemtoYL™-IR-100W/50W

    • Average Power 100W
    • Pulse Duration ~400fs-6ps
    • Peak Power 400MW
    • Repetition Rate 25kHz-5000kHz
    • Pulse Energy 200uJ
    • Burst Mode Function

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  • SC-Pro

    Product Features:

    ● Wavelength: 430nm-2400nm

    ● Total power: >8W (10-20W Optional)

    ● Optional External Triggerable: 1-80MHz

    ● Internal Repetition Rate: 0.01-80MHz

    ● Pulse Energy: >1μJ

    ● Single-Mode Output

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  • FemtoYL™-IR-40W/20W


    • Average Power 40W
    • Pulse Duration ~400fs-10ps
    • Repetition Rate 25kHz-5000kHz
    • Pulse Energy 80uJ
    • Number of Burst:1-10
    • Burst Pulse Combination Energy 240uJ

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  • SC-5

    Product Features: 

    ● >500mW Total Power
    ● Wavelength  470nm-2400nm
    ● Spectrum Power Density >-10dBm/nm
    ● Spectrum Stability <0.1dB
    ● Bluetooth Connection
    ● Single mode fiber with FC connector

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