YSL Photonics has two products series:supercontinuum source and ultrafast fiber laser. Supercontinuum source (namely white light laser, white light source, supercontinuum laser) has been widely used in the nanophotonics, fluorescence spectroscopy/microscopy, OCT, photocurrent measurement, semiconductor inspection and etc. Ultrafast fiber laser (namely picosecond fiber laser and femtosecond fiber laser) has been widely used in the material micro-processing, nonlinear study and etc.
  • PicoYL™-IR-100/70/50/20W


    ●  Average Power 100W

    ●  Pulse Duration 50-800ps

    ●  Peak Power 1MW

    ●  Repetition Rate 25kHz-5MHz

    ●  Pulse Energy 300uJ@800ps

    ●  M²<1.3

    ●  Burst Mode Function 

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  • FemtoNL™-920nm-1


    ● Average power: ~1W

    ● Pulse duration:~200fs

    ● Peak power: 40MHz

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  • VLF

    Product Features: 

    ● Wavelength range: 400-840nm 

    ● Linewidth range: 10-300nm 

    ● Optional single mode fiber output

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  • PicoYL™-Green-50/40/30W

    ●  Central wavelength: 515nm
    ●  Average power:50W
    ●  Pulse duration:800ps
    ●  Peak power:50kW
    ●  Pulse energy:40μJ

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  • FemtoEYL™-1550nm-3


    ● Average power: ~3W

    ● Pulse duration:~100fs

    ● Peak power: 40MHz

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  • PicoYL™-UV-15W/10W


    ● Central wavelength:343nm

    ● Average power:15W

    ● Pulse duration:800ps

    ● Peak power:40kW

    ● Pulse energy:30μJ

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