YSL Photonics’ FemtoYL-20 is the latest 20W high power femtosecond fiber laser. It can deliver over 20W average power, ~400fs-8ps variable pulse width and 40uJ pulse energy, making it an ideal laser for micromachining application.


• Glass Welding
• Refractive Index Modification
• Two Photon Polymization
• Thin Film Material Cutting & Drilling
• Biochips Manufacturing
• Medical Device Manufacturing


• Average Power >20W
• Pulse Duration ~400fs-8ps
• Repetition Rate 1Hz-5000kHz
• Pulse Energy >40uJ
• Number of Burst:1-10
• Burst Pulse Combination Energy >120uJ

Data Sheet:

FemtoYL-20 EN.pdf

3D Drawing:

FemtoYL-20 drawing.zip