YSL Photonics’FemtoYL-6 is the latest femtosecond fiber laser. It provides over 6W average power at 1035nm, with a pulse duration of 150fs and a repetition rate of 80MHz. FemtoYL-6 is a cost-effective fs fiber laser system that provides stable and clean short femtosecond pulses with an excellent beam quality and power stability. FemtoYL-6 is a great solution for applications of two-photon fluorescence microscopy and two-photon polymerization and etc.


• Two-Photon fluorescence microscopy

• Two-Photon polymerization

• OPO pumping

• Material micro-machining


•  Average Power >6W

•  Center wavelength 1035nm

•  Pulse Duration 150fs

•  Repetition Rate 80MHz

Data Sheet:

FemtoYL-6 EN.pdf