FemtoYL-Green is the latest industry femtosecond green laser that based on fiber CPA technology. FemtoYL-Green has a variable pulse duration from 300fs to 10ps in the wavelength of 515nm and a high average power up to 50W. Its pulse energy can up to 100μJ with a repetition rate of 25kHz-5MHz and an excellent beam pattern. FemtoYL-Green can provide stable 24*7 operation with a convenient maintenance,it is the best solution for preparation of display screen and the semiconductor industry.


● Central wavelength:515nm

● Average power:50W

● Pulse duration:300fs-10ps

● Peak power:300MW

● Pulse energy:100μJ


● OLED module cutting

● 5G circuit material cutting(LCP/MPI)

● FPC material cutting/drilling

● ITO drilling/scribing

● Semiconductor cutting/scribing

● Glass, sapphire drilling/scribing

Data Sheet:

FemtoYL-Green-50 EN.pdf