YSL Photonics’ AOTF-PRO is the latest plug and play wavelength selection module based on the Acousto-Optic Crystal. It has 

the two output: broadband supercontinuum output (useful for broadband scattering, reflection and transmission spectroscopy) 

and single line tunable output (useful for replacing multiple laser lines). Moreover the single line tunable output covers 

430-1450nm range in one output beam, offering great flexibility for spectroscopy, microscopy and nanophotonics application.


● High resolution microscopy 

● Fluorescence microscopy & spectroscopy 

● Nanophotonics 

● Replace of several single wavelength laser 

● Material characterization


● Switchable SC output and tunable output 

● 430-1450nm range in one beam 

● Linear polarized output 

● Up to 8 simultaneous channel 

● Easy plug & play

Data Sheet: