High Pulse Energy Supercontinuum Source SC-OEM-HP

YSL Photonics’ SC-OEM-HP is the latest product designed with the compact footprint for the demanding medical and industry application. The SC-OEM-HP with single-mode fiber output, delivers a wide spectral output ranging from 400nm to 2400nm with up to 6W total power. The SC-OEM-HP not only maintains the traditional supercontinuum light source excellent performance, but also sets aside DB25, RS232, NIM trigger, Pulse on Demand (POD) and many other control interface. The wide spectrum combined with laser beam quality makes it an ideal source for replacing traditional broadband source like lamp, LED, SLED or any number of laser lines in the system.


•  Laser remote sensing
•  Photoacoustic imaging
•  Medical Instrumentation
•  Flow Cytometry
•  Optical Coherence Tomography

•  Wavelength 430nm-2400nm
•  Total Power >6W
•  Visible Power>900mW
•  Repetition Rate 0.1-1MHz
•  Pulse Energy:>15uJ

Data Sheet: